Macbeth Filtered Little Cigars Chocolate Flavor   6 comments

to view at Macbeth Little Cigars Chocolate flavor

Manufactured and packaged in Brazil under the Authority of CIBAHIA (Made In Brazil)


to view at Macbeth Little Cigars Chocolate flavor


6 responses to “Macbeth Filtered Little Cigars Chocolate Flavor

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  1. i want ask at Malaysia state of Johor Bahru , where can buy the MACBETH Chocolate Filtered Little Cigars…..Thanks

  2. please send mi the detail of shop at JoHor State in country MALAYSIA can buy MACBETH Filtered Little cigars…..urgent …thanks

  3. please send me the detail to……….thanks

  4. please send me detail to , where / what shop can buy the MACBETH Filtered Little Cigars at Johor State of country MALAYSIA …..thanks

  5. ALL visitors are welcome to leave their buying and smoking experiences on this blogs.However,all purchases enquiries will be answer via email only.

  6. hi there, do u have cherry flavor for this? Malaysia Penang state, Ipoh in Perak state & Petaling Jaya in Selangor state will be available for me, pls quote me the price, thank u


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