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* If you arrange for goods to be brought into Australia, you are regarded by Customs as the importer of those goods. This includes purchases made over the Internet, regardless of whether or not you intend to sell or distribute those goods, own a business and if the goods are for your personal use or a gift for someone else.

* Your imported goods may arrive in Australia either by airfreight, express courier, sea cargo or via the post office. The method of delivery will determine the Customs clearance formalities and charges.

* Customs advises people purchasing goods over the Internet to be aware that, when those goods arrive in Australia, they will be subject to Customs controls.

* Certain goods brought into Australia require an import permit. Customs might seize or detain such goods pending presentation of the permit. Alternatively, the goods might be a prohibited import and not allowed into the country under any circumstance.

All goods (except for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages) may be imported duty and tax free if their value is $1,000 or less.

Imported goods with a value of A$1000 or less

  • Imported goods arriving by post will be released duty and tax free by Customs for delivery direct to the addressee
    • except for tobacco, tobacco products (refer to example 4)and alcoholic beverages (refer to example 2) or goods subject to import permit requirements
      • in these cases, you will be contacted and notified of the action you must take.

Example 4: Import of low value tobacco products (for example, 400 sticks = 8 packets x 25 sticks valued at $60)

Customs value (Cval) 60.00
Customs duty (Duty)@ $0.25679 per stick 102.72 (Payable)
International transport and insurance or postage (T&I) 30.00
Value of the Taxable Importation (VoTI)
Goods and Services Tax (GST) @ 10 per cent of the VoTI 19.27 (Payable)
Total payable Duty + GST 121.99

Customs duty of $0.25679 is the rate applicable as of 2/2/2009

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