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Bright colours, logos, slogans and pictures will be eliminated on cigarette packaging under what the Rudd Government claims will be a world first.

The Government will announce tomorrow that mandatory plain packaging will be required for cigarettes and loose leaf tobacco by January 1, 2012 in an attempt to make smoking less attractive, especially for younger people.

But the move will anger tobacco companies, which insist they are entitled to brand their products because cigarettes remain legal.

Under the proposed changes, only brand and product names will be printed on packets in a standard colour, font and position, along with mandatory health warnings.

Packets will only feature basic product identification for retailers and to minimise risks of counterfeiting.

The Government will test different types of plain packets to find the most unappealing design.

Health experts have argued removing colourful branding will strengthen health warnings and stop manufacturers’ package design techniques that suggest some products are less harmful.

Both the World Health Organisation and the Rudd Government’s Preventative Health Taskforce recommended the introduction of plain packaging.

Some comments /feedback :

1)Thats really stupid i guess…Packaging colour dont creat the temptation to smoke… People will smoke even if cigarettes are sold loose without packaging……

2)Heh! What’s everyone so upset about. Let the smokers smoke, get ill and die. Then we can sit outside at the pub or walk out of a shopping centre without getting their stench on our clothes and in our hair. Dig a big pit and push ’em all in. Problem solved.

3)im not sure but i think alcohol addiction screws ppl up more than the cigs

4)Somehow I find this plain packaging much more attractive! Seriously… :S

5)Absolute joke and waste of time. I have actually just given up smoking. Making a packet plain with no colours will have no effect whatsoever on smokers young or old. If you are a smoker, nothing can make you give up until you are ready, I was just lucky I had a reason that worked for me.


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